Growth . Consulting . Funding . Transformation

#agriValueChain #socialimpact #technology #AI #ML #iot 

Growth . Consulting . Funding . Transformation

#agriValueChain #socialimpact #technology #AI #ML #iot 

About Us



“SAATRA” stands for "Startup Advancement And TRAnsformation". SAATRA is a moderator and facilitator for “Startups“. SAATRA helps startups in idea advancement and provides support in incubation for prototype development. SAATRA also mentor and handholds towards complete transformation.



We are sector agnostic, We advise, mentor and fund startups those bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets. So far SAATRA has supported  and funded startups in agri, healthcare, retail, technology, social innovation and IOT. We have also successfully delivered transaction structuring and M&A advisory services to our clients.

Success Stories


Over the years SAATRA has created numerous success stories in advisory, funding and structuring  in organic, nutri-food, fashion, e-commerce, agri-tech , omni-channel retailing, agri-commodity exports, ESDM, bakedgoods-premium patisserie and many more...



Startup Support and Funding

  • Mentoring 
  • Incubation Support 
  • Funding Support 
  • Valuation 
  • Business Plan
  • Transaction Advisory


Virtual CFO

  • Virtual accounting 
  • Regulatory and Compliance 
  • Book keeping 


Investment Banking

  • Project Finance 
  • Business Plan 
  • DPR and IM preparation 
  • Financial Modelling
  • Equity and Debt funding
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Valuation 
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Capital Structuring